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The Best Option, LLC​​
​Substance Abuse Counseling in San Antonio​

  • What type of services do you provide and what is the cost?  At this time, we provide the following: 

           Alcohol and drug assessments - $100

                If determined to meet the criteria for substance abuse treatment:  

                Each individual session is $30

                Each group session is $30

                Each family counseling session is $50


         Anger management assessments - $50

                If determined to meet criteria for anger management counseling:

                Each individual session is $25

                Each family counseling session is $50


  • What forms of payment do you accept?  ​We accept cash, debit cards, most major credit cards and will assist in the development of a payment plan in order to assist in your admission to outpatient treatment with our program. 

  • Do you treat alcohol and drug addiction?  Yes.  Substance abuse services are provided for both alcohol and drugs in an outpatient treatment setting.   We are an outpatient substance abuse treatment program licensed through the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Our staff are Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDCs),  Certified Anger Resolution Therapists (CARTs), Community Health Workers (CHWs) and are certified through the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCAC).  

  • What other services to you provide in addition to alcohol and drug treatment?  ​We also provide anger management counseling, domestic violence counseling and case management services for additional issues that would require referrals to community based resources.  The anger management and domestic violence counseling are facilitated by Certified Anger Resolution Therapists (CARTs).

  • Are the services provided confidential?  Yes.  Unless the person receiving services (the client) signs a Consent For Release of Information Form detailing the information to be released and the person/agency it is to be released to.  Without the specific signed Consent For Release of Form,  our staff is unable to either confirm or deny a persons status in outpatient treatment.  In certain situations, however, the counselor is legally required to report specific behaviors (abuse/injury/exploitation of the elderly or a child). 

  • Can my family attend treatment with me?​​  Yes.  Your biological and/or family as you define it are both welcomed and encouraged to attend services with you in order to increase your chances of being successful.

  • Will your outpatient substance abuse treatment program work around my employment or school schedule? Yes.  Our intake and counseling appointments as well as our group sessions are scheduled to accommodate employment  and school schedules.   Both the intake and counseling appointments are scheduled in coordination with both parties.   

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